20 "Black" Flowers for your Gothic Garden

Autumn is here and while most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are putting our gardens to bed for the upcoming cold season, it's never too early to start planning for Spring. In the spirit of the spooky season of Halloween and Samhain I've compiled a list of twenty black appearing flowers to consider for next year's garden. While none of these are truly black they are dark enough shades of red, burgundy and purple to give the black effect. I've included links to where you can find each variety of seeds, bulbs, corms and tubers. 

Black Flowers Fritillaria Tulip Petunia Calla Lily Hellebore

1. Fritillaria Persica - Purple

2. Tulip - Queen of the Night

3. Petunia - Black Cat

4. Calla Lily - Black Star

5. Hellebore - Onyx Odyssey

Black Flowers Iris Hollyhock Scabiosa Cosmos Snapdragon

6. Bearded Iris - All Night Long

7. Hollyhock - Jet Black

8. Scabiosa - Black Beauty

9. Cosmos - Black Magic

10. Snapdragon - Black Prince

Black Flowers Poppy Sunflower Bachelors Buttons Pansy Ranunculus

11. Peony Poppy - Park's Black

12. Sunflower - Black Magic

13. Bachelor's Button - Black Boy

14. Pansy - Black King

15. Ranunculus - Black

Black Flowers Nasturtium Dahlia Lily Gladiolus Morning Glory

16. Nasturtium - Black Velvet

17. Dahlia - Black Narcissus

18. Lily - Night Rider

19. Gladiolus - Black Star

20. Morning Glory - Knowlians Black

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